sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Battlefielg game - action flash game

When a match truly hits, then the fans begin to create their own versions, which also happened to Battlefield, a super game of consoles and PCs, which now has a flash model and simplified.

I keep in mind once again that this is a simplified version, not counting innumerable details which are inside the match - this model of flash favors people who like to play as a camper, since you don't require to move around the map, but only to kill enemies who want at all costs break down the walls of his headquarters and invade it.

Battlefield Game it is therefore an accurate shooter inside the style of many "shots to the target" that you see there, even so the graphics are originating from the Battlefield, which could bring some motivation to those that like that fashion of play.

Click here to play Battlefield Game

After each and every enemy troop be shot, you'll see a screen with the current balance of the dead, and the funds readily available to it, so you may purchase new and far better weapons that will kill more enemies at as soon as.

The controls are pretty simple: use your mouse to aim and shoot and the up and down to switch between the weapons purchased. There's no limit on ammo, but every single weapon has a diverse time for shooting and to be recharged totally, which must also be taken into consideration in time of war.

Well, excuse me now I will return to play Battlefield game.

sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

Bandit Ludo

A massive hello to all!

I appear right here now to present the last game that I produced (those who tend not to yet know: besides passionate about games, I’m also a online game programmer :) ) – The Bandit Ludo.

Online game designed for the firm On the net Bandit, this is a brand new version in the board video game Ludo.

Below is an image of the video game:

Tela do jogo Bandit Ludo
The video game screen Bandit Ludo

Who is interested: yes, we're operating on a new video game, but for now is no surprise. ;)

Who wants to play, one of many doable places (the video game is scattered in a hundred video game internet sites) is this:

Extracted from:

sábado, 6 de março de 2010

Xeno Tactic 2

Enemies are invading our country and you must save us! In Xeno Tactic 2 , another tower defense game .
Xeno Tactic 2 is a beautiful game, with great 2D graphics and good background audio. Furthermore, its gameplay was defined and used to do great points.

Use your mouse to select, build, upgrade, sell or any other task.

Click here to play Xeno Tactic 2

If you like tower defense games, so Xeno Tactic 2 will be perfect to you!

domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Warzone Tower Defense Extended

If you like tower defense games, you need know Warzone Tower Defense Extended, a game with several weapons and tricks to get the victory
There are several kinds of enemies: ground and air enemies. There are several types of towers too: machine guns, flak towers, flame towers, missile towers, laser towers, cannon towers, heavy cannon towers, etc. And if you want more things, there are four kinds of bombs too!

Click here to play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

Use concrete blocks to build walls and block enemy paths - it is better strategy in this game! Build towers in strategic places and you will get to reach great progress there.
Now, I need go out - I really need play a new match and destroy several enemy tanks. See you in Warzone Tower Defense Extended!

quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

The Last Defense

We are very pleased to announce The Last Defense, new shoot'em up game developed by us!

The Last Defense is a webgame, so you can play it in any place, using a computer connected to Internet.

This is game story: your planet is about to be invaded by enemies and you are the only person able to save it.

Destroy all enemies and avoid they reach your planet. Use all of your weapons and upgrades to get it.

Click here to play The Last Defense

Now, you need help your planet to defend itself! Take your ship and fly to war and peace in The Last Defense!

domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

Death Trip - a new cab game to you

If you like Driver and GTA you will love Death Trip, a game where you drive a cab, looking for passengers in the city.

This game is, initially, simple: you need drive in order to reach passengers take them to destination.

Of course, time is money, so you need be very fast - time is against you! But, it isn't everything, because there are many people in roads. And if you hit one of them, you'll lose points. Hmmm, not so good. So, now, you need be fast and not hit pedestrians. It's becoming complicated... and funny! :-)

Click here to play Death Trip

Use the arrows to move your car. Memorize roads. And, of course, avoid hit passengers!

Now, I hope you have a good trip in Death Trip!

sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Days 2 Die

And now I show a super zombie game, Days 2 Die. Many weapons, increased mobility and the same goal: to survive!

On Days 2 Die, you live in a city was invaded by zombies. Your house is completely surrounded and you need think and act fast, before they taking down you.

You can have three types of weapons: firearms, knives (melee) and explosives.

Click here to play Days 2 Die

The keys of this game are:

* 1: Primary Weapon
* 2: Secondary Weapon
* 3: Arms White (short distance)
* 4: Explosive
* Arrow Left / A: Move left
* Arrow Right / D: Move right
* E: Fix barrier
* I: Inventory
* R: Reload
* Shift: Sliding
* Space: Jump
* Mouse: Aim and shoot

You can build barricades and hire mercenaries to help you to kill those zombies and go to Harbour, where you can get a boat to run away.

quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

FWG Knight

FWG Knight is a super action game where you are a knight and must defend your kingdom against an endless horde (yes, endless!) of enemies who are trying to invade kingdom!

You have two types of weapons: a sword and a spear. If you know use them, they will be very powerful! Use them wisely and you will live one or two days! :-)

Click here to play FWG Knight

Use the WAD keys to move, to change weapon, use S key, press J to use the normal attack and the key K to use the special attack (available only when the bar is completely full).

Now it is with you, noble knight, go and defend our kingdom in FWG Knight!