segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012


Greetings to all! Here we discuss a more freeware game you can download and start having fun right now and this time it's the game Ruins of Cardboard Computer. It is an adventure game where you control a dog, and while hunting rabbits, a story is being revealed to the player - the story of that dog and his owner. Amid a gloomy scenario, you will find many birds, an old piano and a brilliant sculpture.

Despite graphics and sounds really cool and consistent with the theme of the game, the highlight is that the story is being told in a tone of dialogue between the dog and its owner every rabbit that it captures. And as the big point here is the game narrative, is not it good to wait a lot of action or challenges to solve. And to know the whole story of the lady and her dog (actually, bitch) you need to play this game several times, choosing different options.

The controls are also simplified by using only the enter key to advance the dialogue and the arrow keys to move through the scene.

Enough words, let us now show an image of what you can expect from the game. Oh, and just click the image to go to the developer's website, where you can download the version of Ruins for Windows or for Linux:

quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Last traits in online games

Do you know any one does not like an excellent flash game? There are countless people today searching forward to play loads of games on the internet. Children, youngsters and adults prefer to play fantastic  games on the internet.

You can consider who played a single flash game already played all of them, but you can expect to be incorrect. And when we look at social networks, so we are able to come across a lot of games, like Farmville. When you have to have a rapidly entertainment, I'm confident that flash games might help you. You only need click to begin to play. Some advertisers realized how much superior are these games to advertise their goods. People applying flash game web-sites like to return there if there are actually genuinely superior free games.

How many web-sites serve flash games? Thousands! So you may locate them readily. So you don't have to have appear for so significantly to play a very good game. Every flash game internet site has at the very least a absolutely free game section. Find a web-based game inside your preferred gender and possess a great entertaining, my friend. And, if it depends on flash developers, so we'll have an increasing number of new games each and every day. A good game is greater then 1000 words... as well as a superior entertainment internet site is much better if it has 1000 on the net games! Which will indirectly give advantage for the internet site by reducing their bounce rate. Add some addictive online games inside your life - I am confident you will not regret!

Latest trends with the flash games clarify that now persons can do a number of tasks at one time. Many men and women prefer to devote income in games where they could satisfy their competitive spirit. Developers are creating a variety of games with diverse categories like puzzle, funny, action, arcade, fighting, racing and lots of far more. Websites who supplies games are adding new flash games on standard basis. So you can decide on a brand new entertaining every single day. Also, if you are finding bored together with your operate, then it is possible to break your boredom by playing these flash games.

These games are the perfect resource to fill your spare time. They don't demand installation and load quite easily. And if you have a internet site, take into consideration to show them within your internet site and have some benefit. Feel tired? Depressed? Stressed? Play somewhat and forget them! And they aren't only very good to well being, but for your organization too, as we currently mentioned. If you are a player or even a organization man, you'll want to take your chance now, when social networks are a great spot to play, publish or advertise on-line games. And everyone will have very good final results!