domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

Death Trip - a new cab game to you

If you like Driver and GTA you will love Death Trip, a game where you drive a cab, looking for passengers in the city.

This game is, initially, simple: you need drive in order to reach passengers take them to destination.

Of course, time is money, so you need be very fast - time is against you! But, it isn't everything, because there are many people in roads. And if you hit one of them, you'll lose points. Hmmm, not so good. So, now, you need be fast and not hit pedestrians. It's becoming complicated... and funny! :-)

Click here to play Death Trip

Use the arrows to move your car. Memorize roads. And, of course, avoid hit passengers!

Now, I hope you have a good trip in Death Trip!

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