sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Battlefielg game - action flash game

When a match truly hits, then the fans begin to create their own versions, which also happened to Battlefield, a super game of consoles and PCs, which now has a flash model and simplified.

I keep in mind once again that this is a simplified version, not counting innumerable details which are inside the match - this model of flash favors people who like to play as a camper, since you don't require to move around the map, but only to kill enemies who want at all costs break down the walls of his headquarters and invade it.

Battlefield Game it is therefore an accurate shooter inside the style of many "shots to the target" that you see there, even so the graphics are originating from the Battlefield, which could bring some motivation to those that like that fashion of play.

Click here to play Battlefield Game

After each and every enemy troop be shot, you'll see a screen with the current balance of the dead, and the funds readily available to it, so you may purchase new and far better weapons that will kill more enemies at as soon as.

The controls are pretty simple: use your mouse to aim and shoot and the up and down to switch between the weapons purchased. There's no limit on ammo, but every single weapon has a diverse time for shooting and to be recharged totally, which must also be taken into consideration in time of war.

Well, excuse me now I will return to play Battlefield game.

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