sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Days 2 Die

And now I show a super zombie game, Days 2 Die. Many weapons, increased mobility and the same goal: to survive!

On Days 2 Die, you live in a city was invaded by zombies. Your house is completely surrounded and you need think and act fast, before they taking down you.

You can have three types of weapons: firearms, knives (melee) and explosives.

Click here to play Days 2 Die

The keys of this game are:

* 1: Primary Weapon
* 2: Secondary Weapon
* 3: Arms White (short distance)
* 4: Explosive
* Arrow Left / A: Move left
* Arrow Right / D: Move right
* E: Fix barrier
* I: Inventory
* R: Reload
* Shift: Sliding
* Space: Jump
* Mouse: Aim and shoot

You can build barricades and hire mercenaries to help you to kill those zombies and go to Harbour, where you can get a boat to run away.

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