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Mobility, a free game Sim City style!

Mobility, a free game like Sim City!

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The world of games is quite broad and gained a new genre in the day that Will Right designed Sim City, a game where you can manage a city.

In Sim City, there are innumerable variables that you, as administrator of the city (a mayor?) Must manage - from the power supply to the public transport system, everything must be designed by you.

If you like that style of play, an alternative may be the first version of Sim City, now known as Sim City Classic, which was made freely available by the developer company.

In addition to Sim City, a very interesting choice, fun and, best of all, free Mobility is the game, developed by a German company, available in English and of course German.

In Mobility - a city in motion, as the game is known, its role is also an administrator. Similar to Sim City, there are many interesting and important features within the game, however Mobility in cities are always completely flat, without the presence, in the case of high variations in relief, as in Sim City series.

The latest version of the game available completely free under license version is 1.73, which can be downloaded by clicking the following link: Mobility 1.73 . Currently is in version 3.00 (released on April 16, 2010), under license shareware, which allows to use some features of the game, but not all, unfortunately.

If you are interested in learning more about the game on the latest versions of the same, progress of new releases and other information, visit the website Mobility Online .

And finally, I leave you all a game image (an image which may explain much better the game concept, is not it?)

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