segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012


Greetings to all! Here we discuss a more freeware game you can download and start having fun right now and this time it's the game Ruins of Cardboard Computer. It is an adventure game where you control a dog, and while hunting rabbits, a story is being revealed to the player - the story of that dog and his owner. Amid a gloomy scenario, you will find many birds, an old piano and a brilliant sculpture.

Despite graphics and sounds really cool and consistent with the theme of the game, the highlight is that the story is being told in a tone of dialogue between the dog and its owner every rabbit that it captures. And as the big point here is the game narrative, is not it good to wait a lot of action or challenges to solve. And to know the whole story of the lady and her dog (actually, bitch) you need to play this game several times, choosing different options.

The controls are also simplified by using only the enter key to advance the dialogue and the arrow keys to move through the scene.

Enough words, let us now show an image of what you can expect from the game. Oh, and just click the image to go to the developer's website, where you can download the version of Ruins for Windows or for Linux:

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