quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Square Enix impresses with graphics for the next generation of consoles

That Square Enix is a super game developer, all we are already "bald wonder." After all, it's no wonder she is the developer of the Final Fantasy series, one of the most popular RPG series worldwide. Now, the ball instead of your video is Agni, where she has a little of what would be the graphics for next-generation consoles.

This video was shown at E3 and is now available on YouTube (and here on our blog, of course) and you can check the same and will easily perceive that the 3D graphics rendered in real time (yes, the video is rendered in real time! ) are very close to what prior could see only GCs, ie, ultra-spectacular graphics, but could render no machine in real time. If they use such high quality graphics in the next game of the Final Fantasy series will be as if we were really in the game, interacting with the CGs!

The chat is very good, very cool. But here we have a problem: all this graphical quality depends not only on hardware, you must also "peopleware", ie people who can deal with such technology. I mean, since the current generation of consoles, it is possible to achieve nearly perfect graphics in real time, but the 3D modelers and animators have been unable to actually deliver it, for modeling the entire game in such a high level of detailing consumes very long time! And then will we achieve all that the video's Agni Philosophy promises?

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